With decades of experience in a variety of industries, Analytical Answers provides resources and expertise that translate data into knowledge.


Our approach is to deliver answers to our clients as fast as we can, either via on-site client collaboration or remotely.

Strategic Collaboration

Analytical Answers collaborates and works strategically alongisde our clients. Our Anywhere Services break new ground in real-time interaction and collaboration.


Our scientists are recognized experts in their fields. And by concentrating on your problem and working side by side, we can provide answers to the most challenging questions.

Analytical Answers combines the technical expertise of a world-class research lab with unparalleled problem-solving insight and interpretation. We have the tools to generate the data, the expertise to understand it, and the experience to translate this knowledge into solutions to your most complex problems—all more quickly than you may have thought possible.

Would You Like Your Sample Analyzed for Free?

Our Anywhere Services–Microscopy Anywhere and Spectroscopy Anywhere–allow you to follow along and participate in analyses of your samples, from anywhere you are.

You can still be part of the analysis even if you cannot travel to the lab. You can follow all or part of your sample’s analysis, asking questions along the way and interacting with the scientist, 100% remotely. You can also include your colleagues, vendors, and/or customers for all or part of the session, as you like.

Our next webinar will be a live presentation of our Anywhere Services, where you can connect to a live analytical session in progress. For the subject of this analysis, we invite you to submit samples which we can analyze publicly during the webinar. One lucky client will get their sample analyzed at no charge. If you cannot submit a real sample for reasons of confidentiality, we welcome you to submit suggestions for types of materials or failures which relate to your industry. The deadline to submit ideas is April 28, 2017.

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Scan of the Month

Can you guess what this is? Can you guess the methods used to get the most effective analysis of this substance? Click on the image to learn the name of this month’s mystery object and the technique used to uncover its properties!

Scanning Electron Microscope image of whipped cream, Boston Analytical Lab


Our innovative services such as Microscopy Anywhere allow you to sit at your desk and collaborate in real time with the microscopist at Analytical Answers.
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Our scientists work directly with you to translate data into answers.

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Analytical Answers is excited to be entering our 25th year serving you. Watch our website for announcements on new capabilities and instruments comming soon.
John A. Buono, Ph.D.

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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Edward Norton has been promoted to the position of Technical Director. We hope you will join us in congratulating Ed on his well deserved promotion.