When a company or team engages in new research, they may not find all necessary expertise in-house. In those cases, the company can try to develop that experience internally at significant time and expense—or they can consult an outside expert. Using qualified and experienced people with proven expertise can shorten the time and cost in these cases.

Case Study

The Problem

The client was interested in entering their current market place with a new instrument concept. Although the concept had made in-roads in other industries, the technique was different and considered “complicated” in the client industry.

The Approach

Our staff member, who had extensive knowledge in instrumentation, examined the state of the art as well as the drivers in the client industry. Then laying out a roadmap for development, we worked side by side with the client organization, to develop features that the instrument must have and to translate the currently accepted technology to the new technology. In each step in the development, we benchmarked the developments against the market desires and evaluated (by using the equipment) the performance against current standards.

The Results

Since our experience was both in the technology as well as the marketing of scientific instruments, we were able to provide the client with the assistance to both develop a rugged, high performance instrument as well as providing the data necessary to develop marketing materials and proof statements to prove the performance to the customers.