Can I come into your lab and work directly with the scientists?

Analytical Answers, Inc. welcomes our clients to work side by side with our scientists. We have tools that will allow this cooperative interaction over the web. Our Anywhere Services® will allow you to work directly with our client even if you are located in as faraway places as Singapore or Australia.

How much does it cost?

Our analysis is priced on a per project basis. We are not a service laboratory that provides data. We provide the data and an interpretation of the results to give you a complete picture.

What is the turnaround on analysis?

Typically we report the results of the job in two weeks from receiving your go ahead. That can be expedited if necessary. Our expedited fees appear on our quotes.

How soon can you start?

We believe very strongly that we are part of the client’s product team. So we work as a team. We can expedite our work to start the next day if the problem is of a critical nature.

What analysis should I do?

Unlike a testing laboratory that has you send samples with a list of the types of analysis you think you need, we have our prospective clients discuss the problem with our scientists. The scientist will then provide a quotation including the types of analyses and the expected results so that a client unfamiliar with analytical chemistry does not have to make a decision on the type of analyses.

What is a mail job?

A mail job is a project where we quote for the analysis and receive the samples from you for analysis. The client does not interact with the analyst on a moment to moment basis. Our scientists will contact you if they encounter something unusual or unexpected. A mail job is typically used for a project that requires a number of types of analyses and/or techniques that have a long elapsed time.

How can I schedule a visit?

After discussing with the scientist how much time a particular visit will take, the scientist will forward you to the scheduler who will discuss the available timeslots and your availability to work out a mutually convenient time.