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Scanning Electron Microscope image of whipped cream, Boston Analytical Lab
Whipped cream viewed in Scanning Electron Microscope. A wide range of wet samples, including delicate ones, can be analyzed using the right tools.




MARCH 17 2017

What’s Real and What’s Not:

The Art of Failure Analysis of PCBs and Electronic Components

While performing quality cross sections in PCBs can be an art in and of itself, even more important is understanding what you see in these cross sections. It takes an experienced failure analysis specialist to pick out the root causes of the failure and not be misled by what may be artifacts from sample preparation.


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Non-Destructive Failure Analysis:

Video Real-Time XRay Microscopy of Moving Components

Non-destructive testing is the preferred first step for any comprehensive failure analysis program. When examining failures in mechanical and electromechanical components, the ability to view them in operation in real time is invaluable in determining the location and the propagation of the root cause of the problem. The depth of understanding is generally far superior to simple static x-ray images.

This webinar aired live on February 7. You can view the recording here.