The Science and Stigma of Solidago

Can you guess what this microscopic picture is? Here are a few hints; it’s native to North America, plays an important role in many natural processes, and can be considered a sign of good luck or good fortune. Still no clue? Here is a picture of the same subject on a regular scale. If you … Continued

The Importance of Chemical Structure

In the world of chemistry, structure can be the difference between life and death – quite literally. There are many compounds where slightly altering the structure or choosing a different enantiomer can make the compound go from a helpful medicine to a dangerous drug. That is why chemists are always very aware of the exact … Continued

Food Science: Sugar

Everyone loves sugar; whether you like just a dash of sugar in your coffee to balance out the bitterness, or a heaping mound of sugar in your desserts to satisfy your insatiable sweet tooth, sugar is an essential ingredient in our everyday lives, especially when it comes to baking. But do we know just how … Continued

Food Science: Salt

From savory steaks and pastas to sweet pastries and cookies, almost every recipe has one common ingredient: salt. Dating all the way back to the early Roman Empire, salt has played a vital role in our cooking and eating experiences for thousands of years. But what makes this simple, tiny little ionic compound have such … Continued

Food Science: Flour

Flour is an essential ingredient in lots of recipes, mostly for baked goods. But do we really know how flour works? Time after time we mindlessly add flour to our cookies and cakes, overlooking the true importance of it and just waiting for the moment when we get to lick the spoon clean. The truth … Continued