Analytical Answers is a consulting and technical services company providing microanalysis, surface characterization and failure analysis. With over 100 years of combined experience among our scientists and instrumentation capabilities usually only found in corporate laboratories, we provide resources and expertise that translate data into knowledge.


Unlike testing laboratories, Analytical Answers welcomes client interaction. We specialize in working directly with you in our facility where together we can pursue solutions using our equipment and expertise.

We use a wide variety of analytical tools, selected to best meet your specific needs. Click here for an overview of applications and the tools that serve them.

Suite of Services

One of the core strengths of Analytical Answers, Inc. is microscopy— and microscopy is a visual tool. By working directly with our scientists, you have the ability to see the problem, modify or change the approach, and arrive at the solution. This flexibility provides knowledge, not just data. And equipped with knowledge, solving technical challenges becomes easier.


Anywhere Services™

Because we work closely with our clients to solve problems interactively, we have developed unique Anywhere Services™ relying on our extensive experience in microscopy, spectroscopy and consulting. These services, anchored by Microscopy Anywhere™ and Spectroscopy Anywhere™ allow clients remote access to our site to work with us in real time, view samples and data, and make decisions on the direction the project.