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Where Power Is Present

MAY 14, 12-1 PM EST


light bulb

As part of our ongoing series, this webinar will once again use consumer products to model preventable failure situations – this time, where some form of power is present. The presence of some source of power may or may not be the root cause of the failure, but often enhances defects or accelerates reactions that lead to a failure. The expression “see something, say something” applies to many situations other than national security. But it may be exactly what’s needed to protect your company’s bottom line.

In this webinar, Analytical Answers will leverage the technology found in familiar consumer products to demonstrate how you can pinpoint potential quality concerns in your medical devices, packaging, polymer, semiconductor or other materials. We’ll analyze some off the shelf products to demonstrate how examination and early detection can provide that ounce of prevention that helps you prevent the proverbial fires in your qualification or manufacturing process and save money in the long run. Sign up today




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