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Students Visit Scientists at Analytical Answers Laboratories in Woburn, Massachusetts

Students in Ellen Miseo’s Consumer Chemistry course visit Analytical Answers in Woburn, Mass.

Paper: Infrared Analysis of Self Assembled Monolayers

Ellen V. Miseo, Ph.D., an expert in FTIR and its applications, wrote a paper on the many ways to analyze self assembled monolayers in the infrared to determine chemical information.

Analytical Answers Commissions its New Infrared Imaging System

FTIR Imaging is a new technique that that provides wavelength specific high resolution infrared data that can be examined to determine chemical differences within a sample.

Analytical Answers organizes sessions at PittCon2014

Pittcon 2014, the 65th Conference and Exposition for Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, was held this year March 2 – 6 at the McCormick Center in Chicago. Analytical Answers participated in Pittcon 2014 by organizing two sessions on analytical spectroscopy, as well as teaching a short course on practical infrared spectroscopy.

Boy Scouts visit Analytical Answers

On Saturday, March 22, Boy Scouts from the local Daniel Webster and Yankee Clipper councils visited Analytical Answers and worked with several scientists. These boys were working on completing the requirements for the Chemistry merit badge, which included visiting a working chemistry laboratory and questioning a practicing chemist.