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DATE: November 19
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Failure analyses are often more complex than they appear at first sight– sometimes, much more complex. To get not only an answer, but the answer, you want to be certain you’ve examined the materials in question. Often that means doing a double- take, using multiple techniques to characterize your materials, problems, and failures. Join us for the next in our webinar series, where we will look at semiconductors and related materials. 

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Can you guess what this is? Can you guess the methods used to get the most effective analysis of this substance? Click on the image to learn the name of this month’s mystery object and the technique used to uncover its properties!


We’re excited to provide webinars on a regular basis that offer practical demonstrations, investigations and analytical techniques related to key materials science topics. If you want to see our capabilities in action, we record them to be viewed at any time. You can access our growing library at any time. Grab your lunch and join us!