Important Update During COVID-19

Analytical Answers would like to assure all of our clients that we are open!

We are taking additional safety measures and we ask for your help while we continue to meet your analytical needs. We will continue to accept samples for analyses on a non-visit basis, however we encourage all clients who would normally schedule a visit analysis to take advantage of our remote Analysis Anywhere℠ Services instead. As the North American pioneer in this service and with over ten years of experience delivering remote, real time analyses nationally, we are very confident that we can make your session as valuable as an in-person visit and quite often, a more productive use of your time. You even get the benefit of inviting coworkers, vendors and/or clients to all or part of the session, to quickly get their input or to apprise them of your findings.

To participate in an MA℠ or SA℠ session, you would just have to send in your samples ahead of the scheduled session.  Please notify us before sending in samples so appropriate sample handling precautions can be taken.

Clients with previously scheduled visit analyses:

If you have had a fever or cough, or have traveled outside of the U.S. (or to a COVID-19 hotspot in the U.S.) in the past 30 days, or been in close contact with any confirmed COVID-19 patient, please call us to change your visit to a remote Microscopy Anywhere℠ (MA) or Spectroscopy Anywhere℠ (SA) session.

If you must come in for a visit after travel or any possible COVID-19 contact, we will ask that sign a form stating you have self-quarantined for 14 days and have shown no symptoms, or have been cleared by a medical professional.

Clients intending to schedule future visit or mail in analyses:

Please call us at 781-938-0300 or email to discuss your analysis needs.