Beaches: East vs. West – a study in sand

  Now that summer has drawn to a close, we’re taking a look back at some beaches that we visited this summer. Noting that the sand looked and felt different from beach to beach, we sampled a bit of sand from each – and later, from beaches on the west coast as well. The east … Continued

Turkey Feathers: Intricate Structures

Here, we’re featuring the structures of turkey feathers. More specifically, some optical and electron microscope images of the intricate structure of a portion of a tail feather donated by a wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) from a large flock living on the Danvers-Wenham, MA town line.   Wild Turkey tail feather 10x Wild Turkey tail feather … Continued

Analytical Answers, Inc. to Bring Materials Analysis Expertise to Advanced Manufacturing Convention

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Analytical Answers, Inc., a Woburn, Massachusetts-based technical consulting firm and service provider which helps advanced manufacturing firms monitor their processes and solve R&D and production problems, will be exhibiting at this year’s Advanced Manufacturing convention June 12-14 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. We are excited to be discussing … Continued


The nice spring weather has come and gone. With that nice spring weather also came pollen…everywhere! Although it is often seen as a nuisance for triggering allergies, pollen is very interesting to look at magnified. You may be surprised at how different various pollen types look.   The familiar yellow haze on our cars and … Continued

Ticks: The More You Know

The image of the month is a false-colored secondary electron (SE) image of the mouth parts of a tick, taken using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The subject is most likely a male deer tick (shown below in the black-and-white SE image), commonly found in Massachusetts and across the northeast – and a prime carrier of … Continued

The Science of Sundaes

  It’s a hot, humid summer day; the sun is blazing down making waves of heat bounce off the pavement, the air is thick with moisture and there’s no sign of a breeze anytime soon. There are many ways to cool off in times like these: having a cold glass of lemonade, taking a refreshing dip in … Continued

Drew Killius – A Curious Scientist is the Best Kind

According to Drew Killius, searching for (and finding) answers is the best way to explain how the world works. And when it doesn’t, Killius is probably the guy you want working on the reasons behind a product’s failure. As Senior Materials Scientist at Analytical Answers, Inc., he’s been asked multiple times about the questions he … Continued

Webinar Recap: Anywhere Services Live

Did you miss our final webinar before the summer – Anywhere Services Live? Don’t worry, you can learn everything that you missed right here in this blog post or you can watch the recorded version on demand here: This May webinar was a bit different from our traditional webinar format. Analytical Answers recently celebrated … Continued

Avoiding Sticky Situations: The Science of Adhesives

Adhesives play a pretty important role in our everyday lives; even if we aren’t always aware of them, they’re present in the world all around us. Whether it’s the wood glue holding our tables and chairs together, or the duct tape that we haphazardly throw on something in a desperate attempt for a quick fix, … Continued