Analytical Answers: Over a Quarter Century of Providing Answers


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The more things change, the more they stay the same! What was true 25 years ago – as reprinted from 128 News (pictured on the right) and The Burlington Connection – is still true today!

L.J. Arne wrote the enclosed article, and it’s amazing! Why? Because through all those years the basic principles have remained the same. AAI is still located at 4 Arrow Drive in Woburn, MA. We still “examine and evaluate specimens by clients from companies of all sizes in microelectronics, ceramics, glass, polymers, metals and chemicals.” And while the chrome on bumpers is generally attached to a polymer instead of a metal, adhesion of systems like that are still a common type of problem that needs a solution.

Analytical technology has changed – no… improved since then. You’ll still find some of the same people you knew back then, and new experts as well – with well over 100 years of combined analytical experience! And AAI has added capabilities to meet our clients’ needs, as well as updated technology that we had then, which is every bit as important and applicable to problems and issues experienced by our clients today as they were to helping those clients a quarter century ago.

And those seminars conducted all over the country? They’ve been replaced by webinars. You can attend webinars live as they happen. You can also view past webinars online at your convenience. They’re archived on our web site. So there’s no need to travel to a seminar venue when you can access valuable information from AAI right from your computer.

Speaking of your computer – you can also ‘sit in’ on your analysis when you’re too busy to come visit our labs at the time of your analysis. Our Anywhere Services® allow you to sit in on your analysis from wherever you are.

So whether you’re experiencing failures, process problems, materials questions, corrosion, adhesion (or not), specification certification (MIL or otherwise), with wet, dry, powder, organic, inorganic, metal, clean (or not), thick, thin (even ultra), coatings, products or materials, chances are EXCELLENT that we can work with you to develop an analytical approach that will get you The Information You Need…When – And Where – You Need It.

For more information on any of these topics, or to set up a consultation, give us a call at 781-938-0300 or fill in your information in the contact box at the left. So, does Sherlock work at Analytical Answers? You’ll have to come in to find out.