(Failed conductor in a household appliance.)


What Is It?

Through high-resolution X-ray microscopy, we are able to non-destructively examine the internal structure of samples in real-time,at magnifications up to 1000X.While the internal mechanisms of these samples are usually not visible under other means, XM offers us a tool to watch them in operation.

Why Should I Use It?

Unlike static radiography systems, XM allows the sample under examination to
be positioned in a direction that permits the best view of a feature of interest. The sample is able to be move in the X, Y and Z directions and can also be tilted and rotated. When images are calibrated, radiopacity (ASTM F640) and linear measurements can be made.

What Do I Get Out of It?

Video recordings of switches, relays, and other mechanical or electromechanical devices can be made to understand their inner workings or perform failure analysis.

Applications Include:


Materials Evaluation

  • Dispersion of fillers polymers
  • Delamination in thin films
  • Real-time evaluation of electrical and thermal devices
  • Real-time evaluation of micro-surgical implements
Failure Analysis

  • Opens/shorts in bond wires
  • Bond wire placement
  • Loose or Extraneous components in packages
  • Construction details
  • Deformed internal components
  • Micro-fracture detection in materials
Quality Control

  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) voiding in solder balls
  • Voids or cracks in welds
  • Die attach voiding
  • Linear measurements
  • Inspection of medical products while in sterile packaging
  • Clearance between embedded wires


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