Scientist Profile: Joseph Bedard

For 25 years, Joseph F. Bedard has been a laboratory scientist. As Senior Electron Microscopist and Failure Analysis Specialist at Analytical Answers lab in Woburn, Bedard focuses on the learning part of his job as a fantastic byproduct of his efforts.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-2-54-21-pmWith a background and a degree in mechanical engineering, working in an analytical lab is almost a seamless transition. Many of the mental gymnastics required of structural and mechanical engineers are close to failure analysis and other tasks at Analytical Answers.

Some readers might think of failure analysis as a process examining gargantuan events and the possible component failures that led to those events. That’s not particularly true all the time.

As an example, one of the projects he’s worked on was a examination of laminate flooring degradation. It required bringing together multiple analytical techniques to solve the problem.  Although a very down to earth example, these same techniques are required when he performs failure analysis of microelectronics and aerospace components.

To learn what makes the scientist inside Bedard tick, just listen to his comments about Analytical Answers. He enjoys working with a strong, multidisciplinary team, working on a wide variety of ever changing projects, and collaborating with a broad spectrum of clients from many industries.


“A couple of things I really enjoy is working directly with clients and solving their complex problems and failures.” said Bedard.

While science keeps him learning all the time, Bedard also enjoys getting outside and enjoying nature and sports. According to him his loves are hiking, motorcycle riding, traveling, and rooting for the New England Patriots.

If there is one thing that he’s learned so far, it’s that the teamwork and success that occurs at Analytical Answers will keep him interested in the magnificent field of science for a long time.