The core strength of Analytical Answers is our willingness and ability to work alongside our clients.

Whether you visit our facilities with your samples or send them to us and perhaps connect virtually, we work right alongside you to get the right answers as quickly as possible.

We are experienced in many areas including:

  • Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Electronic Components
    • Quality Assurance
    • Failure Analysis
  • Materials Characterization
  • Biomaterials
  • Medical Device Analysis
  • Geological Materials
  • Microscopy (OM, SEM, TEM)
  • Spectroscopy

How We Do What We Do

Unlike a testing house, we do not apply generic one-size-fits-all analyses to product problems. We consult with our clients, think through the approach, pick the most appropriate tool(s) and apply it/them to your sample. For example, if you require analysis for a plasticizer in your material, we will not blindly apply EPA Method SW-846, but will choose the most appropriate extraction method for the sample and the best analysis techniques for the material of interest. And if we cannot supply the right tools for your needs we will refer you to another lab. We will not force fit your problem to our tools.

We recognize that when a client contacts Analytical Answers, they have a problem and need answers. That problem may be holding up production or manifesting itself as an abnormal number of returns. Our approach is to deliver answers to our clients as fast as we can, either via an on-site Visit, by Virtual Visit (Analysis Anywhere®) or as a Non-Visit Analysis (where you send us your samples via your choice of carrier and we send you full analytical results and report). Normally we can turn a project around within one to two weeks from receipt of your samples. If you need it faster, we can usually accommodate your needs – just ask.