Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging

Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging is a spectroscopic technique used to analyze sample down to approximately 5 microns in size. It is used to analyze both organic and inorganic materials for both qualitative and quantitative analysis and is complementary to EDS, ESCA and Auger analysis.


The term imaging has various meanings depending on the audience. The dictionary definition of Imaging is To make or produce a likeness of an object. The physics definition is The science of producing, recording, storing, transmitting and/ or displaying visual images by any system (photographic, video, facsimile, etc.) in any form. A quick search on the World Wide Web brings up topics such as film and digital photography, visible, atomic force and electron microscopy, cytology, radar, computer security, magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission
tomography. The term imaging has a different meaning in each field. And as an investigation of the terms will show the implementation of each “imaging technique” is quite different.